CFChowchilla Kids Classes :

Our Kids program is two days a week for children ages 4-13 years old.

Sessions are Mondays & Wednesday’s 3:45pm

Learning everything from:

  • Team Work
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • and How to be overall more Active/Healthy

CrossFit Totem is a FUN learning atmosphere that is constantly varied, so the child doesn’t get bored. With CrossFit Totem you can get your kids interested in fitness early,inspiring them to set goals, build self esteem and become apart of a community of athletes and friends!

Is It Safe?

Most Definitely! With the watchful eyes of the instructors and constant skill/technique work your child is well taken care of. They will learn the essentials of a healthy fit lifestyle. The Kids program is specifically designed for the physical,cognitive, and social development of kids aging 4-12.
Technique and proper form are taught before any weight is added. All weight is scaled for each age and ability.

What to Expect?

  • Fun Interactive Warm-ups
  • Technique/Skill Work
  • Balance/Coordination activities
  • Workouts
  • Games
  • CrossFit Totem Skill Level Tests
  • Strength Work
  • Occasional Powwows (parties)
  • Group Huddle Talks after each WOD”Workout Of Day”
  • and more!


 Totem Kids Levels:

While attending CrossFit Totem, your child will complete and earn athletic levels over a period of time, just like our adults courses. Each kid level being apart of  the “Totem Pole”.

Each Athlete works there way up the totem pole to become a “Thunderbird”, once complete they are on to our CF levels.

5. Thunderbird: Elite
4.Bear: Advanced
3. Cougar: Intermediate
2. Wolf: Novice
1. Otter: Beginner Level 



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