The Programs

Here at CFC, Goals will be met, family will be made, and limits will be pushed”!

Our Programs

To ensure our clients are provided every opportunity to succeed in a non-intimidating environment, we offer private coaching, introductory On-Ramp classes and group CrossFit classes so our members can start where they’re most comfortable. Everyone’s path will be slightly different depending on their current fitness ability, goals and preferences.


Designed to introduce newcomers to CrossFit through modified workouts scaled to participant ability. Our On-Ramp classes are offered each Month so call today to sign up for our next session.

Trainers work closely with class participants and focus on mobility, proper mechanics and form. For those not ready to jump right into a group CrossFit class and are looking for something a little slower paced, On-Ramp is a great way to get started.

Ready to get started!? Take the first step by jumping into our on-ramp course. The course will consist of  lectures, movements, nutrition , and workouts (WODs). Each class will be led by a Coach to ensure your safety, efficiency and efficacy.
This course has been designed to meet the fitness levels of any individual who possesses the desire to be better. All we ask you to bring is a great attitude and an open mind.
By the end of the On-Ramp all your fears and apprehensions will be a distant memory and you will be ready to transition into the classes.


Group CF Classes:


CrossFit Classes are perfect mixture of:

  • Olympic Lifting (Snatch,Jerk,Clean etc.)
  • Gymnastics (Push-ups,Squats,Rope Climbs etc.)
  • Metabolic Conditioning (Running,Rowing etc.)
    Anyone can do it, with instructors to push you and modifications to help you.

Group classes are offered throughout the day Monday through Friday, and in the mornings on Saturday. Each class consists of a warm up, breakdown of the movements involved in the workout of the Day (WOD), the WOD and a group cool down that includes stretching and mobility work. Members pay a monthly membership fee and may attend one group class per day (depending on membership type) that fits within their schedule.



 Kick-Butt workouts that are developed to get you BURNING fat, feeling great and gaining strength ! This is a 6 Week Program that you won’t regret attending!
*See> Programs>Bootcamp > for more detailed info.


 A class focused entirely on stretching, mobility and overall flexibility is offered on WEDNESDAY’s at 5:30pm. Angela Laird a certified yoga instructor, leads us through movements to keep us mobile and flexible!


Health/Nutrition Guidance

Our Team guides you to your health goals Daily. Nutrition guidance and plans are provided with each membership to ensure your results show.

Indoor SPIN

You want to sweat? and have FUN while doing it? This is your class. OUr instructors take you and an upbeat ride that will have you moving, singing and sweating that Fat off!

Private Coaching

Private coaching is an incredibly effective, and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals. We will work with you to identify your fitness goals, assess your movement to design a program that will maximize your strengths and improve areas where you may not be as strong.

 Private coaching is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations, or just prefer additional attention and accountability.

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