The coaching you’ll receive at CrossFit Chowchilla isn’t like what you’d get at your average gym where in most cases, you don’t get any coaching at all. Our coaching methodology doesn’t subscribe to machines and three sets of 10. We implement various strategies to help our clients attain their fitness goals, from nutrition counseling to experienced coaching on complex movements.

Athletes who train at CrossFit Chowchilla will learn the benefits of :

  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Power lifting
  • Kettlebells
  • Basic Gymnastic / Bodyweight movements

We focus our attention on effectively coaching our clients to move efficiently, realize their athletic potential and achieve their fitness goals. To ensure our clients are provided every opportunity to succeed in a non-intimidating environment, we offer private coaching, On-Ramp classes and group CrossFit classes so our members can start where they’re most comfortable.


  • Have fun

  • Learn how to properly (and safely) workout

  • Receive a high level of coaching from a professional trainer

  • Improve athletic performance, physique, and overall fitness

  • Make new friends

 Expected of you:

  • To show up. Most clients work out 3+ days per week.

  • Leave your ego at the door. It is most important to workout at “your” level.

  • Arrive on time, with a good attitude, open mind, readiness to learn and desire to work hard.

  • Constantly strive to improve.

  • Train consistently. There is no “magic pill.” Workout often and you will get fit.

  • Represent our community with integrity and pride.

 Class Duration:

Our Classes run a total of 1 hour long. You made a good decision about proactively maintaining your health when you walked through our door to experience your first CrossFit class. Welcome to the CrossFit community! You will find that CrossFit Chowchilla is made up of athletes of varying abilities, ages, sizes and shapes, but everyone has one thing in common… The desire to improve their health and overall fitness.!

What to Wear:

Clothes you can workout in that will allow you full range of motion. With regard to footwear, any type of athletic shoes will suffice, however some people prefer flat soled training shoes (less heel than common running shoes), as well as Olympic Lifting shoes for those days when we’re weightlifting.

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