Athlete “OUICK START GUIDE”: (learning how to use WODIFY)
Click Link Here >: Athlete Quickstart Guide

*PLEASE add your Payment method to WODIFY, so there is so interruption with your membership.

If you have not received any email or setup a profile with WODify please contact Allie. 209.675.0264/

ON-Ramp starts this WEEK!
7:30a & 5:30pm classes will be dedicated to them. If you need to attend these classes you will have to complete the OR wod. Thanks and see you at the box! 

KICKBOXING is Still ON ! Tuesday at 5:30pm and will be held outside in the front of gym.


Crossfit Chowchilla – CrossFit


Shoulder Press (3×6)




Warm-up (No Measure)





2 Rounds:

10 x Ring Rows

5x Plyo Box Push-ups

10x Behind Neck Press


Running Lines /Stretch (completed after strength)

Supplemental (3×5)

3 Rounds:

Strict Pull-ups x 5

Alternating Neutral Grip DB Bench x 5 each

DELOAD WEEK: Moderate Weight should be used.

Metcon (Time)

400m @ 1 Mile Pace
*Divide the time taken to run 1 mile by 4. This gives an approximate base 400m time at your Mile pace.

Metcon (No Measure)

3x400m Run @ Mile Pace

2 Min Rest between Each


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