IMPORTANT! All athletes please UPDATE and Add your billing info to your New WODIFY account before SEPT 1, so that you do not get behind on payments.  Everything is confidential. 

*For those of you who have not created a Profile or Cannot log in, I will be sending a NEW email with confirm email/Reset password link! THIS DOES EXPIRE so please do it as soon as you receive it.

Shooting for a Smooth transition to WODIFY. 🙂

Thank YOU!



10 min EMOM

1. Row Cals

2. 50 DU

=Rest 2 min=

10 min EMOM

1. Run 200m

2. 6 Burpee Broad Jumps

=Rest 2 min =

10 min EMOM

1. Sled Push 40 sec – 90/180

2. 15 TTB


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