This WEEK:

  1. MEN Vs. WOMEN Challenge is : “Fastest ANNIE Time” We will be taking all the Times and adding them up to find the lowest total. Due to teams not being even we will choose an even number of the lowest times to add up. *Annie is NOT on the Daily WOD Curriculum, You must make time to do it in open gym, Saturday or another time. *THE normal DAILY WOD MUST BE COMPLETED FOR ANY SCORES TO COUNT. 
  2. Wednesday 19th there will be NO Yoga, But the Class will Be switched to ROM WOD (stretching)  with Allie.
  3. Saturday Class is Cancelled due to Coaches/CFC Athletes attending a Competition at Yolo CF in Davis.



Sumo Deadlift X 8

4 count lower – use 50%, and 55% of conventional deadlift 1RM.

Weighted Pistol Squat off Box X 6

*As heavy as possible w/2 DB’s


Complete sets for time

50/25 – 40/20- 30/15 – 20/10 – 10/5

Russian KB Swings (53/35) / T2B


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