July NEWS/ Announcements:

  • TODAY starts our CFC Men Vs. Women Challenge! All members are eligible to participate. *Please make sure to see what each weeks movement /WOD challenge is.
    (July3-8 > Max Distance Row)
    July4th -Independence day WOD!-8:30am only
    July 5th- 8:30am,3pm open,4:30p,5:30 yoga,6:30p (NO 7:30am)
  • ROM WOD Mobility Classes will start this Saturday at 10am- Directly  following 9am class. (15-30min class depending on programming)
  • Paddle Boarding Trip ! Save the Date July 29th!


A.) Power Snatch 1 RM (15min)

Warm up to 90% and then 3 attempts for a new max – then move on. Goal is to not impact strict press max attempt.


B.) Shoulder Press 1 RM (15min)


*Try to hit new Max on Set #8.


C.)If time:

Strict Press(3 X 2) @90%

Pull Ups(3 X 3)*As heavy as possible


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