TOMORROW is PROMOTION Night!!! 6:30 pm feel free to bring your significant other/Family. This is a POTLUCk so bring a dish/drink of choice to share. See ya soon and Good Luck testing athletes!


A.) Squat Clean(3 X 2)



B.) 2 rounds: (if time)

Barbell Walking Lunges  X 15

Increase weight from last week – less reps=more weight!

Lunge Jumps X10

Try for more height this week on the jumps.


2 Rounds:

7 Squat Clean and Jerks @ 65% 1RM

2 min row max meters

2 min rest

*Rest 5 min*

2 Rounds:

5 OH Squats @ 70% 1RM

400 m Run

2 min rest


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