TONIGHT AT 6:30PM WE WILL BE HAVING OUR PROMOTION NIGHT CEREMONY AND 4TH CELEBRATION!! Please bring a dish or appetizer as we will be BBQ tri tip!! 



10 Rounds

10 meter Farmers Carry (2/1.5 pood)

5 Strict Chin-Ups

10 meter Farmers Carry (2/1.5 pood)

5 Burpees

5 Deadlifts (265/185 lbs)

*Place your deadlift bar 10 meters from your pull-up bar and do the farmers carries between the two. Use kettlebells or dumbbells for the farmers carry.


TOMORROW is PROMOTION Night!!! 6:30 pm feel free to bring your significant other/Family. This is a POTLUCk so bring a dish/drink of choice to share. See ya soon and Good Luck testing athletes!


A.) Squat Clean(3 X 2)



B.) 2 rounds: (if time)

Barbell Walking Lunges  X 15

Increase weight from last week – less reps=more weight!

Lunge Jumps X10

Try for more height this week on the jumps.


2 Rounds:

7 Squat Clean and Jerks @ 65% 1RM

2 min row max meters

2 min rest

*Rest 5 min*

2 Rounds:

5 OH Squats @ 70% 1RM

400 m Run

2 min rest



  • This Friday @ 6:30 – PROMOTION Night and Potluck! *Bring a Dish of choice …We will provide the meat.
  • ROM WOD MOBILITY begins July 8th classes will now be scheduled for SATURDAYS at 10am. *This is a great way to recover and become more flexible and mobile. These class usually run between 20-30 mins depending on the daily programming.
  • JULY 1st we will be holding an IN-HOUSE Competition. F/F or M/M teams of 2. The WODS will be those that were going to be done at the Barbell Rodeo 17.2  in Patterson that recently got cancelled due to lack of sign ups. *I will be inviting other athletes from CFVV,LBCF,SCF. GRAB YOUR PARTNER and lets have a Fun mini COMP!
  • JULY 4thLIMITED SCHEDULE! 8:30Am Family and Friends WOD! Workout before the fireworks and BBQ’s start!! 
  • JULY 22ndPADDLE BOARDING!! (not water boarding) lol… We are planning on Shaver Lake but also thinking maybe Bass Lake. STAY POSTED!


Core: 3 Rounds (not manditory for testing athletes)

20x V-ups

20ea x Plank Leg Sliders

20x Side Plank Elbow touches


10 Rounds:

Run 200yds @85%

Jog back 100 – Walk 100


10K Testing



  • Testing ENDS Wednesday 28th (last day to test) Please make sure you have given your shirt size if you would like one!
  • PROMO ceremony and our 4th of JULY celebration this FRIDAY at 6:30p!! Please bring a dish of choice as we will be BBQ’n Tri-Tip!


Hang  Snatch 3RM



10 Min AMRAP:

7 Toes To Bar


7 Pull-ups

7 Ring Dips



“Pet Rock”

For time:

Buy-in 1600m relay row (200m at a time)

40/40 Knees to elbows

30/30 Push-ups

50/50 abmat sit-ups

40/40 Box jumps (24 inch/20 inch)

60/60 Push press (45#/35#)

Cash-out 1600m relay row (200m at a time)

*For this workout you will have a pet rock, the pet rock will be a 1.5 pood kettle bell for both women and men. One person will be doing the work, while the other one will be resting holding the “pet rock”. The pet rock does not liked to be dropped, so if you do drop it you must immediately do 10 burpees, each person, before continuing on. You can hold the “pet rock” by any means necessary as long as it does not touch the ground. Only idea not aloud is laying on the floor with the kettle bell on top of you and you may not physically sit down on anything while holding it. Have fun with this workout and get creative with how you hold the pet rock!



A. 3 Rounds:

15x Deficit Sumo Deadlift

*Shoot for at least 50% of your Conventional Deadlift 1RM.

20x Squat Jumps

*As High As Possible – These should be unbroken


B.) 2 Rounds:

10 front squats @ 45% of 1RM

2 min max distance ROW

2 min rest

~Rest 5 min~

2 Rounds:

15 American KB Swings (R/G)

2 min max calorie Airdyne

2 min rest