LAST DAY of MAY!! Get your PR’s on the Board!


A.) 3×3

Hang Power Snatch




Perform each round in a minute until you can not perform a round within the minute:

5 Pull Ups

5 Strict Handstand Pushups

25 Double Unders


MURPH RECOVERY DAY: (keep moving, and recover properly)


A.) 3 Rounds:

Medicine Ball Side Toss X 10

Side Plank Elbow Touch X 10

Leg Lifts X 20


B.) 3 Rounds:

Weighted Plank X 60

Russian Twists X 20

Hollow Body Rocks X 15



Row Intervals


Rest 2 Min between each



Today is a Day that CrossFitters around the World HONOR those who have fallen for our country by completing a HERO WOD “MURPH”. This WOD is not Only Physically tough but Mentally some of you already know. But we do it side by side and push through it together as we are reminded what they do for us everyday!


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In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.


MONDAY WILL BE OUR MUPRH WOD!! Memorial Day class time are limited (8:30a/4:30p/6:30p) as we would like bigger class sizes to celebrate the true meaning of the day and honor those who have fallen!


Teams of 3

complete all workouts together:

12Min CAP

Run 1 Mile

AMRAP KB Swings (1 person working at a time)

-Rest 3 min-

12 Min CAP

2k ROW (alt as needed)

AMRAP Burpees (1 at a time after row)

-Rest 3 min-

12 Min CAp

200m Walking Lunge as team

AMRAP Thrusters w/2 KB


Memorial Day is Monday ! There will be limited class times so please plan accordingly!


A.) 3 Rounds:

Strict Toes to Bar 10

Weighted Sit Ups X15

Side Planks  45sec


B.) 3 Rounds:

Landmine Rotational Punchx 10

Leg Lifts X 20

Landmine Bar Toss(3 X 8)



3x 800M

*Rest 2 Min between each*