Well the year is already flying by! Here is some News and Events for FEBRUARY:

  • Valentine Days partner WOD bring a loved one, friend, or pet! 
  • Nutrition Clinic with Kevin Hall Certified Nutritionist FEB.18th @11am *body fast testing will be done along with seminar. 
  • Barbell Rodeo Volunteer Meeting #1 – Wednesday 22nd @6:30pm
  • In-House Competition Date TBD – winners will be our CFC representative at our Barbell Rodeo Comp!


FGB: 3 Rounds:

(1 min Stations)

Slam Balls

:30 Sec rest

100m Sprints

:30 Sec rest

Burpee Box Jump

:30 Sec rest

Hand Release Push-ups

:30 Sec rest

Cal Bike


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