First Off I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!

ON-Ramp (7:30am &6:30pm) & Testing Starts Today!!!

*****Drum Roll Please …… ANNOUNCING our “Team-Up & Shape-up Challenge” Individual Winners!

Team ALLIE’S Individual Winner’s :
~LEVI CHANDLER – Lost 5 Inches around his waist, Shaved his “Helen” time by 1:41, and participated in every weekly challenge.
~TARA HUMPHRIES- Lost 7 lbs, shaved her “Helen” Time by 1:07, and had outstanding attendance throughout the 4 week challenge.
Team ANGELA’S Individual Winner’s:
~BLAIR ALTOM- Lost 15 Lbs, shaved 2:00 off her “Helen” time & had amazing attendance throughout the 4 week challenge.
~ROBERT THEIL – Ran over 30 miles, had the highest daily challenge/weekly challenge totals and flawless attendance through the 4 week challenge.
**MVP’s of each team are: Jen Griffin (team Allie) & Katie Donahue (team Angela)
Congrats to you all! You worked hard daily, and crushed your goals! Your CFC coaches are Proud. Each Team did an outstanding job!
Cheers!! (*Winners please stop by the gym to grab you Prizes.)



Back Squat




Gymnastics Section


For time:

9,6,3 each:

Dead Ball Ground to over shoulder (50/25)

Dumbbell man makers

Front squats 155/105lbs



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