SPARTAN Racers: this Sunday is our race! Our Race time is 11:30am… We will be meeting in Sacramento at the main entrance at 10am.
This week I recommend only WODing M,T,W and active recovery (rowing,running,biking etc)on *Th,F,S, as you want to be fully recovered for race day.
** make sure to bring ID, money & snacks(RX bar, energy gels etc) for during race as well as water. You may find and print your Spartan Waiver before which is in your email or you can do it there.

*REMINDER Tomorrow @5:30 there will be NO Yoga. PULL_UP/SQUAT Clinic will take its place!



15 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Med Ball V-ups (20/14)

10 KB Snatch {5 each} (g/y)

10 KB OHS {5 each}


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