Attention Challenge Athletes:

Your team Leaders are definitely proud of the consistency and eagerness throughout the challenge thus far.
We have definitely released the competitiveness in you all. TRULY!!
Thats why this NEXT week starting MONDAY for our WEEKLY challenge: “Prowler Push”,
each teams scores will be kept and held by your Team Leader and not posted on the White board.
The team Leaders have come to the conclusion that this will create friendly competition and push each team to really work hard together.
We are all pushing ourselves to our limits which is great, but we still  need to be conscious of our bodies and it limits to remain injury free and survive life after the challenge.

Also- **Next Week there will be NO DAILY Challenges.**

May the Odds be ever in your favor ! 🙂


Bench Press

3x3x3x3x3RM (15 Min)



 power cleans (135/85)

push press

Wall ball sit ups


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