**Bring your WOD partner or a NEW athlete for Todays WOD!!**

Attention Challenge Athletes:  Little note for the week- Your team leaders are trying  their best to make all the rules as clear as possible for this challenge. There are soooooo many variables and we are trying our best to keep it clear. Nobody was calling anyone cheaters yesterday, we are simply saying for this weeks challenge we would like everyone “If at the gym” to write there Scores (miles) immediately (still tracking it on GPS and showing the present coach before written on board). **Now, if you have completed WOD and are “away from gym”(running at home etc.) and sending to your coach that is obviously an exception to the rule of immediately  writing it.
Please everyone have fun during this competition as its suppose to be friendly and help us to push each other.

Thanks, and Keep up the hard work.



Partners alternate whole rounds for time and complete

5 rounds each of:

Row 250 Meters

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Single-Arm Push Press x 5 reps each arm

Back Squats x 10 reps

Run 300 Meters (stop sign)


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