Reminder On-Ramp will be 8:30am/ 5:30pm M/T/TH/F for two weeks. Note that if you choose to come at that time you will have to complete the OnRamp workout as equipment and space is limited and we do not want any distractions during class. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

It’s officially summer… Which means our schedule for classes will change starting next week .

*Please stay updated with our app and on our website.*

Starting next week during summer, there will be no 7:30 PM classes. We Plan our summer schedule around attendance of class times. Thank you and we will see you at the box!


For Time:

5 Turkish get ups (g/y)

25 MB Sit-ups

50 Double Unders

4 Turkish get ups

20 MB Sit-ups

40 Double Unders

3 Turkish get ups

15 MB Sit-ups

30 Double Unders

2 Turkish get ups

10 MBSit-ups

20 Double Unders

1 Turkish get up

5 MB Sit-ups

10 Double Unders

*Goal: sub 15 min


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