.Strength (20min)

-Clean Grip Iso Start + Low Hang Clean

Raise bar 2 inches from floor, 3 sec pause, set bar down,

raise bar 2 inches again, pause 1 sec, complete low hang clean.

75% of 1RM C&J

5×1 Rep

-Back Squat:

90% 1RM x 1 Rep

Drop wt by 20#

3×2 Reps

-Snatch Grip Deadlift

75% of 1RM

4×3 Reps

“AVA”: *yesterday was jason Khalipa daughters birthday and the CrossFit community came together to do a workout that Jason Khalipa created when she was born. It increases one round as she gets older . Yesterday she turned 5…So let’s do it Today! 

5 Rounds

400m Run

21 G2O (95/65)


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