LIMITED SCHEDULE TODAY: Some of your coaches are IRISH so we go BIG for St. Patty’s! SO, when the classes are bigger it makes the WOD Funner (yes I said Funner)! CHEERS

TODAY: 6:30AM /3:00pm OPEN/4:30PM/5:30PM classes only

St. Patrick’s Day WOD
Regular WOD

3 Rounds for time:
17 Wall balls
17 KBS
17 Box jumps
17 Med Ball V-ups

“Adult version” of the same WOD
For time, with partner

17 Wall balls
17 KBS
17 Box Jumps
17 Med Ball V-ups
One partner starts and the second partner has until they complete the exercise to drink 2oz alcohol. Second partner then completes that exercise while first partner drinks. Then move onto next exercise

Partner 1= wall ball; Partner 2=drink
Partner 2= wall ball; Partner 1=drink
Partner 1= KBS; Partner 2=drink
Partner 2= KBS; Partner 1=drink
and so on and so forth…)



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