Mini Comp Results 

* Tomorrow USAW clinic at 10am -$50

To everyone who saw that earlier post we are sorry as the scores were not added correctly. The post actually was not even suppose to be uploaded til 10. 

But that being said the scores have changed but the winners have not besides creating a tie in women’s RX. 

This competition was not only for you guys but also for us to learn and figure out how each event will run & be scored before our real competition day. Thanks and sorry for the earlier post. 

You all did such a great job ! 



RX (1 male / 1 female)

Winners :

Male: Pedro 403 pts

Female: Sabrina 266pts / KK 266pts

Scaled (1male/1female) 


Male: Ryan 385 pts 

Female: Holly E 246 pts
Scoring was based on the following:

Event 1: For each round completed, 1 point is added. For every DU/S round completed, each round added 30 points to your score. For every PS round completed each rep was added to your accumulative score 
Event 2: Both your 1RM & HSPU combined as total points. 
Again, great job to everyone! The enthusiasm and commitment shown today was rewarding to all us coaches!



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