On-Ramp we have 2 days left ! You all have done so well and we are definitely proud of you. Keep up the good work!

**CFC Athletes we have A LOT going on right now. To make sure you are up to date here are something coming up:

  1. Jan.18 IN-HOUSE Comp. Everyone will be participating but if you are trying to make it to the Barbell rodeo please come to a class time with your partner!
  2. HEALTH CHALLENGE ! Jan.18th starts our New Year lets get fit challenge. Please make sure to sign up- All $ goes to WINNER’s of challenge. Start getting your measurement in & weight….See your coach today!
  3. CrossFit OPEN registration opens TODAY!- Sign up to see how you RANK in the WORLD. Open WODs begin Feb.25th!
  4. PROMO NITE– Jan.27th @6:30pm – come hangout and celebrate you fellow athletes who are promotion to the next level.
  5. USAW course Sunday JAN 24th- sign up today. All proceeds go to JR. Athletes attending USAW invitational.


Weightlifting testing!

1000m Row (FT)


Air Squat





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