THANKSGIVING schedule starts tomorrow 6:30am WOD 

Yoga @ 5:30pm / Strength @ 7:30pm !

And now for my Monthly COACH Rant. I want to talk to you guys about the importance of  MOBILITY.
I have been noticing too much that we as athletes are not taking the time we need after class to actually stretch & do mobility. As a class we only have so much time but that does not mean that you as the athletes shouldn’t stay after class (if possible) to do more mobility & stretching. (*If can’t stay stretch at home)
From personal experience I know too well what limited mobility time can do. This also includes our warm-ups as they are just as important. If we are going to be serious in our workouts and longevity of our muscles and joints, then we need to focus ourselves on the most important factor….. yup you got it MOBILITY.
So with that said make sure we are always “Warmed up” and “cooled down” after class. Rolling out is a good thing but not the only thing we should be doing.  ASK YOUR COACH for any extra stretching or mobility you can do for certain sore areas etc. We want to help! ….and no we are not pointing any fingers to any one person, trust me we all need it, even your coaches.

See ya at the BOX! 🙂



3 Power Snatches (135/95)

6 Power Clean(135/95)

9 Ring Dips

54 KB Swings



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