Halloween WOD 2015

No class SAT!…

TODAY Best costume will win a prize! 

Schedule for today!

3:00 open gym
6:30pm PROMO & Halloween social party

 Remember :

Bring App (food or drink) for social to follow

Please bring a pumpkin if available as we might run out.

Best costume  will win a prize!

** MEMBERS: We are proud to be hosting the 2015 #3WMTribute! Head on over to http://www.threewisementribute.org/nearest-participating-affiliate/, click on our state, and find our team in the drop down. Once you sign up, tell your friends and family to donate to this noble cause to help veterans transition after more than a decade at war! #SupportVets


โ€œThe Great Pumpkinโ€ Partner WOD

100 pumpkin toss burpees
100 partner pumpkin situps
100 pumpkin toss Goblet Squats
10 lengths OH pumpkin lunge carry

*You don’t wanna know what dropping the pumpkin means!!!! muuuuuaaahhahahahahaha!!!



Cant believe its already last week of OCTOBER!

*make sure your testing is finished! 

This FRIDAY we will be hold our PROMO ceremony and our Halloween WOD @ 5:30pm  prizes for the best costume!! Social and games (21+ over ;)to follow WOD. ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽƒ


Back Squat (6ร—2 @(80%) (Even Min))

Shoulder Press (6ร—2 @80% (Odd Min))
Even min complete 1 set of Back Squats, Odd min Complete 1 set of Bench Press. Continue Alternating sets on the min for 12 mins.
Metcon (AMRAP)

8 min Amrap
15 Chest to Bar

45 Double Unders




In teams of four, complete five sets for max reps/calories of:

60 seconds of Rowing (for calories)

60 seconds of Dumbbell Man-Makers

60 seconds of Barbell Thrusters (75/55 lbs)

Rest 60 seconds

Teams get one rower, one set of dumbbells and one barbell. Team members rotate through the three work stations at 60 second intervals and all members rest at the same time. Post total score (calories rowed and reps completed).



Yoga 5:30pm! Strength 7:30pm! see you at the box.

*Halloween WOD details below. 



(5 sets) of:(15 min)

Front-Racked Alternating “Reverse” Lunges x 8-10 reps each leg

60 seconds Plank


4 rounds for time of:

10 Knees 2 Elbow

15 Box Jumps

50 Double Unders (150 singles)

** Here is our Halloween WOD schedule! ๐Ÿ™‚ Start signing up for our Halloween Social, as we will only hold a social if enough Athletes attend.