*Make sure to finish your testing before Wednesday next week as our ceremony will be at 6:30 PM on the 29th. 

Coaches Note: A few things the coaches are noticing lately. When it comes to Olympic lifting these movements are not something that we’re going to master overnight it takes focus and dedication to each movement to get it right. We have to be aware of our body and concentrate so that we don’t hurt ourselves. There is a difference between completing the WOD first and doing it correctly .

We as coaches are finding that athletes lately are trying to move too quickly and performing the movement improperly , and not thinking about the movement itself and just acting on speed instead.

So that being said we ask you to take time to slow down and think about the movement and really listen to your coach so you know exactly what’s being done. As a CFC athlete please don’t hesitate to ask questions to perfect your form! We WANT to help:) 

“A slower time with perfect form is better than a fast time with horrible form.” 


Clean Complex

8min EMOM:

High Hang Clean+ Hang Squat Clean+Power Clean

(145/115, 70%1RM, must do this touch and go)


3 Rounds for Time: (15 min limit)

20 reps Burpees to target w 2 hands

15  reps Box Jumps (24/20)

10 reps Turkish Get-ups

2reps Muscle Ups (5 Chest to Bar Pullups)



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