New SUMMER Schedule : Please review as things have Changed !
*Times and Open gym -possible to change! Stay updated with us over summer. Thanks for all the help and support as we are shorted staffed and trying to make things work for everyone as best as possible. 


LAST WEEK of our “Summer Six Pack Challenge”!!! We did it…. or did we? How did you do during the challenge?, were we able to plow through the speed bumps or did we fall behind a little. Either way its a great experience to get to know your self and the things that push you forward and hold you back. You did an awesome job throughout the whole challenge and now we have made it to the Last week… which means:

~After Pictures (Need to be sent to crossfitchowchilla@outlook.com)
~Measurements taken (if possible fill out sheet and bring back, as it is hard for us to measure everyone)

DUE FRIDAY June 26th > Health Challenge Ceremony will be JULY 1st!


Tabata Sit-ups



3 RFT:

10 Back Squats, 155/95 – from the ground, no rack

400m Run



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