Summer Schedule starts “next week” on 22nd! Schedule will be posted online & on Info cork board!

WOW look how far we have came!! 12 DAYS Left in our Summer Six Pack Challenge!!!! I have to say, we are honestly very proud of you all!  Your achievements/drive/and attitudes towards becoming healthier is definitely a sight to see ! The days are coming to wear we will start taking our AFTER pictures and measurements. So lets GO HARD this week and FINISH STRONG!!

 Please don’t hesitate to come to us with any concerns or problems in your diet or workouts, we Want to help! Wether it’s diet related or a specific movement you want to talk about or learn about… Just ask!

PUSH TO THE END! You can do it!

** Also Big Congrats to Matt Fox for once again winning our Movement Challenge with 4,370 Kettlebell Reps! and of course we have to shoutout to Donna Kinsella  for accomplishing 3,500 kettlebell reps! You both did awesome Congrats. …. Prizes will be given on our CFC Health Challenge Ceremony- July 1st @6:30pm! – save this date 


Strength: Shoulder Press 


4 rounds:

400m Run

Max Thrusters (45/35 -Fran weight) 



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