May 18

Day 14: of our “Summer six pack challenge” (health challenge)

Our second week is complete and hopefully our second weekend was better than the first. Our food should be ready for the week ahead, and give us the energy we need to concour all of our WOD’s. You might be feeling the urge to cheat or have a little something your craving, but if you are going to cheat don’t over Indulge. If you want a cookie, get one cookie, not a box! ~ Your more likely to eat the whole box if its in the house, rather than just one cookie. Make it a fun process  and prepare a Healthy  “Paleo” treat etc.

Most likely during your 3rd week you are looking for some type of progress or results. If you haven’t seen any progress or results over the past weeks, you need to ask yourself; What am i eating?/ Am I eating enough?/Staying within my calorie goal?/Working out at least 4 x weekly?.  There is always a solution – Keep Strong… YOU CAN DO THIS!

* Things to remember:

Drinking Lots of water to help cravings

Prepare snacks n fruits already cut up/washed so they are easier to grab n go

NEVER miss a Monday WOD if  you don’t have too, and Don’t go 3 days without exercise!

Any problems or questions you have ran into, just ask or even email us! We want you to succeed :)!!!



“Pause”Back Squat

(3 sec pause at btm. of each)

3×3 @65%

2×2 @75%



For Time:

3 Rounds of:

3 Rounds-

10 reps Pull-ups

10 reps Hang Power Cleans (135/95#, wt to get 14-17UB)

10 reps Burpees

2 min Rest





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