May 11

Today our CFC movement challenge starts! …. The movement is… Drumroll… Kettlebells!! Over a period of one month the person with the most accumulated reps will win A CFC prize!

Day 7 of Summer six Pack Challenge:

Week one is in the books! How did we do over the weekend? Kept Strong or cheated a little on Mother’s Day? Whatever it is don’t be discouraged as this was your first weekend. You probably learned that it’s not going to be easy but there are ways to make it easier!

Some of those things to make it easier:

  • Add some “unfavorables” to your meals such as sweet potato, brown rice, or butternut squash! (i’m not talking about the donuts and pizza unfavorable) * portion Matters!!
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the day. *keeps you full & not thinking about food 
  • Making a healthy treat with your family!

Today is the start of your second week, and your either rallying or possibly just starting. If you didn’t food prep over the weekend, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with creating meals and scaling out foods etc. But, stay strong and don’t get stressed out over it. You know what’s healthy and have a Cheat Sheet, build your meals around your protein! 

It takes time to create a successful system. I promise it will get easier…If you STICK WITH IT!  


Front Squat

5×5 @ 75%

3×3 @ 85%

1×1+ @ 90%



Push Press

Burpee Over Bar 


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