May 4.15

Happy Monday… CFC Summer Six Pack challenge BEGINS today! For the next 8 weeks we will be hammering down on our health/fitness  goals and preparing for Summer!

May Day Detox-Health Clinic is this Wednesday to kick our challenge off:) @5:30PM and we ask your to bring a Healthy “App” if possible. We will be providing Food for Paleo BBQ .

DUE Wednesday :

  • Measurements
  • Money $10
  •  PICTURES -tight fitting shorts and women sports bra. (front/Back & R/L Sides) *Send to


Find: (14 Min)
Max Strict Pull-ups *may use band

Max HSPU or Push-ups


2 Rounds:

20 Walking Lunges with Overhead Plate Carry (45/25 lbs)

10 Push Up Renegade Rows

30 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)

200 Meter Plate Carry Run

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