Everyone did a great job with testing these past weeks!!
Make ups will be tomorrow.
* February 6 we will be holding our promotion ceremony festivities everyone who passed will receive their certificate and CF level T-shirt.

The NEW CFC hoodies are in!!! Get them while they last.


SKILL Work Day

1. Snatch Technique

A. 5x”Second Pull Drill” – stay under 65%

B. 5×2 single Power Snatches, climbing – moderate, not heavy.

2. Clean Technique

EMOMx5: 1x 3-Position Clean

3. Squat -3×6 Front Squat

4. Gymnastics Skills

30 Strict Pull-ups

30 Ring Rows / Body Rows

5x 20sec  Handstand Holds / 20m handstand walks

3x 30sec Planks





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