Hope everyone had a delightful weekend!! Lets get back at it!

ANNOUNCING Our very First Athlete Of The Month for November….. The Athlete of the Month is someone who shows determination, hard work and confidence day in and day out @ the Box.  This Athlete not only shows these qualities but much more. She has a great attitude towards others and coaches.  Her determined mindset to master every movement and get better each day is worth being the Face for the Month of November here at CFChowchilla!

Drum Roll Please…………

Congrats to APRIL LAIRD. ~ Visit our “Athlete Of The Month” page in “Main Menu bar”


Day 8 of 30 day Challenge



Strength:  Squat Clean Tech/Wrk

2×5 @50%
2×3 @65%
1×3 @ 70%
1×1 @80%
1×1 @ 90%


Tabata: (20 Second work with 10 Seconds rest x 8)

KB Swings




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