Equipment Has Arrived



The Equipment is in and we are doing last minute things to make the gym look perfect for our first On-Ramp course on the 29th!

We hope you guys are excited as we are to get started.  This week we will be making our Reminder calls to answer any questions you have and mark down the times you all plan on attending.

What to expect on the first day?

1 Hour class:
Group Warm-up
Technique of Movements

What you need:

Comfortable clothes to workout in
Including appropriate shoes
& Water.
*We will have water available
for you as well for a $1 charge if you forget yours , as well as our
FitAid Paleo drink for $2.50.
Note: Kids area is set up and ready to go! So don’t stress if the kids need to come, we have plenty of stuff to keep them occupied while you workout. Free of charge!


Your Coaches


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