Day 1



What a great day we all had!! I have to say everyone did awesome. Keep with it an you will see the goals and results you want ! We will see you all today for round two. Lots in store.

WEDNESDAY Oct 1st will be our first MAKE-UP day ! If you missed or will miss a class this week, come by and make it up at 5:30pm!
Also, Don’t forget CFC t-shirt are now for sale!


Your Coaches

Doors are now open!


The day has come! Our first On-Ramp course will take place tomorrow morning at 5:30 am. We are excited to get going bright and early.  The introduction course is a 2 week program to get everyone introduced into CrossFit.

For those who are interested in signing up for out next On-Ramp course starting Oct. 13th, just give a call and stop by our gym to get started. Classes to fill ipso reserve your spot today!!  The First Class is always FREE. The best to see what its all about, is to try it and see it!

See you all soon! Lets Get Fit Chowchilla!! 🙂


Your Coaches,

Allie Goodman
Andrew Goodman

Equipment Has Arrived



The Equipment is in and we are doing last minute things to make the gym look perfect for our first On-Ramp course on the 29th!

We hope you guys are excited as we are to get started.  This week we will be making our Reminder calls to answer any questions you have and mark down the times you all plan on attending.

What to expect on the first day?

1 Hour class:
Group Warm-up
Technique of Movements

What you need:

Comfortable clothes to workout in
Including appropriate shoes
& Water.
*We will have water available
for you as well for a $1 charge if you forget yours , as well as our
FitAid Paleo drink for $2.50.
Note: Kids area is set up and ready to go! So don’t stress if the kids need to come, we have plenty of stuff to keep them occupied while you workout. Free of charge!


Your Coaches




Athletes, we finally have a Date of Open> SEPTEMBER 29th 2014! We will be opening our doors and holding our first On-Ramp course. We hope you are as excited as we are, to get started.

If you have not yet signed up, don’t worry there is always time, just give us a call to set up a time to come into the gym and get set up!! Class

We are tallying up all the votes for wanted class times and will be posting them this week!

As our first On-Ramp course gets started there will be more times to choose from, but once the first On-Ramp course is completed any new comers will only be able to choose from  two class times (Am/Pm) for our On-Ramp (intro course), as the other times will be for our normal CrossFit classes throughout the day.

If you miss out on our first On-Ramp course …dont worry we will be holding “Heat 2” starting on October 13th!
*On-Ramp is Mandatory before you start our normal CrossFit classes.

Any Questions you may have, just email us:

Send us your emails> & Look out for our Newsletter with all info on Opening date/class times/& need to know information!

See you all very soon!!!


Your Coaches




Had a great successful day here at CrossFit Chowchilla and wanted to thank everyone who helped us to get it ready.  We started laying down the flooring , and put up the famous Crossfit Whiteboard. We definitely had a wonderful turnout for our pre sign today and want to thank everyone who came out ! We are so excited to get started with all of you.

*If  you missed our first pre-sign , don’t worry, we will be at THE BLOCK PARTY, September 13th from 12-6:00pm! We will have our same deals and will be selling fitness clothing #originatedwill and our favorite Paleo friendly drink #Fitaid.

See you all again soon! More updates to come.


Your CFC Coaches






Start practicing those SQUATS! ^

This FRIDAY is our PRE-SIGN from 4:30-7:30pm. We are so excited to meet everyone an tell you all about CrossFit Chowchilla and what we offer! We will have our Opening date for you as well as great deals! Not only will you get to see the gym for yourself, but the flooring will be getting installed as well…who doesn’t love Fresh New Flooring! 😉 So come by, meet your coaches, and start a new healthy life with CFC!

See you all very soon!!!

Gym Location: 1525 E. Robertson Blvd. Chowchilla, Ca 93610 (in the new SaveMart shopping center , next to “Ava”)

*Above Picture From NorCal CrossFit (simulating a Perfect Air Squat)


Your Coaches

Allison Goodman
Andrew Goodman